What are my methods?  How do we work together?


The first time we meet, I will see what you already know. Tell me why you want to start lessons, what you find difficult. I will then focus on your own needs and personalise your lessons.

We can: 

- develop your oral fluency, comprehension,

pronounciation and/or written skills,

- study some grammar to re-enforce your basics, 

- develop your vocabulary and discover the French culture.



I use newspapers, radio, exercise books and games to make you work on your reflexes, concentration,

memorisation and confidence.

You always go back home with explanations you can read again

and use in your everyday life.

I like to surprise you with amazing and worthwhile information that we can read and discuss. I am patient and enjoy helping others so teaching and communicating give meaning to my work.

Of course, you work at your own pace. Just sheer conviviality, encouragement, concentration and pleasure.