Why are you learning French? You want...

- to be able to speak French and write emails in French at work,

- to pass exams like DELF A1, A2, B1, B2...

- to integrate into the French life

- to meet locals and hold a friendly conversation for example at an "apéro" with your neighbour or at a terrasse in a café

- to dare to use the phone, to understand and request appointments

- to enjoy shopping, buying some croissants or going to the market and discover regional French specialities

- to explain problems to your doctor or to your "artisan"

- to help your children who are studying in a French school 

 Does this describe you? 

- You and your family have just arrived?

Perhaps your children need help with their homework after school and must get used to the French educational system. You want to participate in French life. 

- You have just started to work in France or have already been working for several years but your wife or husband speaks better French than you and you want to understand without asking for help. You also want to take part to conversations. I will help you to catch up.

- You want to speak French in a small group lesson (3 or 4 students) and meet like-minded people in the same situation. Enjoying being together helps you to gain confidence and remain motivated and persistant. 

- You are a student and need to improve your oral and written skills through grammar and vocabulary exercices.